Apple launched iPhone With Curved Display full Review

Apple is back with the bang. Soon after its rival Samsung launched curved screen phone, the world’s top brand has announced to launch its own curvy phone. Reports have it that apple is soon to launch an iPhone with larger screen and curved surface and sensory technology. According to news house Bloomberg apple has “two models planned to release in the second half of next year [which] will feature larger displays with glass that curves down the edges” says an insider. If its feature glass with curved downward edges is to be true then the new iPhone will be curved in the opposite direction to the upwardly curved Samsung galaxy round which sounds chivalrous. According to the insider, “testing continues on the pressure –sensitive technology, which is unlikely to be ready for the next iPhone release and is instead planned for alter model.Apple launched iPhone With Curved Display-3

Latest update

It is reported that apple’s next smart phone will have a larger, curved screen, following in the trend of Samsung and LG, says the rumours. They further say that the two new iPhone models will have 4.7 and 5.5 inch glass display, which is way larger than the current model. The screen will be curvy down the edges.  Its new sensors will be able to distinguish heavy and light touches on the screen are reported to be incorporated in subsequent models. It will also support many other iPhone latest features including touch id’s, powered by A8 quad core processor and os ios 7, icloud , 13 MP rear camera and huge memory along a powerful battery , wireless charging,3D technology and NFC.Apple launched iPhone With Curved Display-1

Apple’s view

Apple has been silent on the issue. They have declined to make any comment even their website is not giving any hints. The person who has informed this is an insider and a reliable source who claims that the company is planning a surprise for their consumers next year.

Apple launched iPhone With Curved Display-4




Apple has just released its 5s and 5c model soon after which Samsung and LG released Galaxy round and G Flex, respectively.

Recompenses of curved screen

Curved screens are said to be more stylish, robust, comfortable to use and better suited to watch videos and play games. They also help to reduce screen glare in bright conditions.


The critics have their own doubts. They are worried that there is no market for this phone.” Both companies that has released a smart phone with curved display have limited availability to South Korea”, reports Z D Net. The site further adds that if apple were to make a curved screen phone, they “would be gambling its iPhone cash cow on a fad”.

However, it is reported the pone is still under construction and will be released in the third quarter of 2014


The price, reported, would be sky high, like its previous models, more than 1000 dollars apiece, so the iPhone fans should hoard their bills for it.

Anticipated features

This iPhone like its predecessors is reported to have all their exclusive and advanced features. These will include:

  • Display 4.7”-inch to 5.5”-inch wrap around curved display and 1080p full HD Resolution
  • OS apple iOS 7 with icloud
  • Processor A8 quad core
  • Memory 128 storage
  • Camera 13 MP
  • Model 16 to 128 GB
  • Siri, air play and air print
  • Wireless charging
  • 3D technology
  • NFC capability
  • Touch id fingerprint sensor
  • Apple launched iPhone With Curved Display
  • 4 G LTE

All these feature in one big phone and all your problems are solved. Its huge battery will be a solace for long journeys along its sensory features protecting your phone. Its touch id finger prints feature will keep intact your privacy.

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